Increasing Domain Renewal Costs

Back in the good ‘ol days domain names used to be so economically cheap that you could purchase many of them, renew them, and do things with them. It was great, especially with renewal as low as $9.99/yr.

It’s come time for me to determine which of my 14 domains I want to keep since my current registrar is willing to charge me $37.99/year to renew my domains an additional year.

I used to go through GoDaddy before they did something that I’m not sure but I think it had something to do with buying a domain, then cancelling the domain and forcing me to re-buy the domain at the same price after the cancellation even though the domain was on my account.

Regardless I transferred all my domains to Network Solutions and they gave me a great deal on all my domains. Now renewal is hugely expensive, and so I have to go shopping. I feel it was a bait-and-switch since they really don’t list their renewal pricing on their website nor is it easy to find anywhere on their website.

So, I called GoDaddy and they gave me some pricing:

.com renewal$20.00/yr
.net renewal$20.00/yr
.me renewal$23.99/yr
.email renewal$35.99/yr
.family renewal$35.99/yr
Renewal costs as reported by Jeremy ( over the phone

So I got a list of all my domains and determined if I need them or not:

Domain NamePurpose?
my5pace.comWas supposed to be old-school myspace but this was done excellently by https://spacehey.comGo
mein30sec.comOld/placeholder video-dating website domain. Was the original until was purchasedKeep
heick.emailMain domain for all email correspondenceKeep
money2matt.comStupid domain that imitates due to a funny youtube clipKeep“Minecraft Block Market”. Was supposed to be a retail space for minecraft reusable models that could’ve been extracted from worlds and hotloaded using /function.Go
cleanedby.meMolly’s old URL-redirection for home and professional cleaners. TL;DR smarturl or cleaning bit.lyGo
grumpkins.comPatrick Mosers website.Keep
unliterate.netMy first domain i’ve had since 13 March 2004. Everything is pretty much here.Keep
theheicks.comThe intentional (and eventual) migration domain for all email correspondence.Keep
mein30.comProduction video-dating website domain.Keep
heick.familyFamily TreeKeep
xyti.meWas going to be an example of * “ideas”, such as
– (Foxy Time) / Came to mind with “Furrys”
– (Sexy Time) / Dating or something sex-related
– (Doxy Time) / Place to store people info, like address book
dadsindebt.comA home for single fathers of children to help communicate with each other and get them out of debt.Go
niffynoo.comEx-wifes website that I don’t need anymore.Go
My Domain Name Decision Table

After culling some domains I ended up transferring the necessary ones to GoDaddy for $145.36. The cost at Network Solutions to renew 4 of them for 1 year was $151.96 without taxes.

Saved myself a ton of cash. Merry Christmas to me.

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