Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum


Back in the good old days I had inherited a Commodore-Branded 8086 from my father when he purchased his 80386. He had a game called “Might & Magic, Secret of the Inner Sanctum” of which I fell in love with. After reading the manual and learning to map, I had actually set forth an effort to map out the entire world! Little did I know it would be quite an effort and that digital cartography was to be something that was cooler than I originally imagined.

Digital Cartography

I had originally created and linked to http://angelfire.com/ultra/mightandmagic (dead) but since Angelfire was bought out and I can no longer modify this specific page I had ported it to my webserver here. Interesting enough, I had identified that I don’t check my work and fixed up some links to make it more feasable. Enjoy the memories!

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