Patrons of the Hotel of Life

Family and friends have entered and left my life, just like they have with every other human on this world.

This is my memorial to them, where I imagine that life is a hotel that you can only enter and depart once. I also imagine that they are all now somewhere where I can eventually find them and hold them again.

GuestCheck InCheck OutLength of StayReferences
Darryl Eugene Lewis14/Jun/196326/Feb/
William Edward Myers Jr28/Feb/19327/Aug/
Andrew F Leach9/Aug/19381/Apr/199455 
Dorothy Vivian Young Steinhebel2/May/190430/Jan/
James Allen Lewis19/Aug/198216/Apr/
Donnie Wayne Beede Jr18/Jul/19874/Dec/
Joseph Thomas Heick19275/Jan/
Ardelle Burns Leach23/Oct/193327/Feb/
Timothy A Emmick11/Dec/197620/May/2005
Michael James Myers20/Jan/195830/Jul/200547
Brandon J Matjoulis3/Nov/198425/Mar/
Jean Louise Riley25/Apr/193919/Aug/
Lyman C. Hardy11/Sep/194719/Sep/
Patrick James Moser9/Sep/19677/Aug/
Fallon Louise Chamberlin21/Mar/198619/Jun/
Elizabeth Riehle Harter13/Oct/190920/Jun/
Ethel Jane Snowden25/Mar/193314/Nov/
Florence Brzostowicz23/Jan/19263/May/
Duncan Swartz29/Oct/196028/Jun/201554 
Charlie McDonald21/Jul/199230/Aug/201624 
Rexford Grant Everson11/Oct/194725/Nov/201669Chronologically Screwed
Burial At Sea
Constance D. Stack4/Jun/195426/Dec/201763 
Anna T Myers Hall-Beede2/Aug/19668/Sep/201852Remembering Anna
Edward A. Brzostowicz, Jr.21/Dec/195429/Sep/201863 
Rylunn Lloyd Charles Thompson16/Jan/20031/Mar/202118
Jennifer Rose Julia4/Jan/198619/Nov/202236Celebration of Life
Audrey Everson McCool Shelgren24/Feb/194021/Nov/202282
Mary Jane Harter Heick8/Sep/19305/Mar/

There is also a google calendar created for all of these entries so you cannot forget when they left this earth. The URL is: