T.C. in 2013

A long, long time ago I was part of an awesome project that not only defined my late 20’s but also allowed me to meet a ton of great people. There was one person in particular with the bestowed name “Moo” (sometimes “Mooface”) that I met through a fortunate series of randomness on a game called “World of Warcraft”. We spent countless days and nights swinging both our digital and vocal daggers together with other virtual peers enjoying the times of our lives.

After years of battling through both digital and real life the need was felt to bring his pleasant vocal gift to the masses. After some minor negotiation a price in the unbelievable significant digits was agreed upon and spittin’ the rhymes was just a simple recording away.

After some minor splicing and post-processing, we had a series of awesome voice-overs for a project that had a dual life both on a website and in a Virtual Dating World. He was most likely heard by tens of thousands of ears from all around the world as he calmly guided user through a simple flashcard experience to make sure they knew what they needed to do.

Update: In 2021, on the 3-year anniversary of posting these Flash snippets I realized that this content is not really available correctly to the masses, so I found the original zip files from 2013 along with the static images and composed these to be HTML5-compliant. Enjoy!

So, I (re-re)present back to the masses:

“How to Shop Prop”:

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this used to be https://www.unliterate.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/HowToShopProp.swf

“How to Make Prop Entry”

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this used to be https://www.unliterate.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/HowToMakePropEntry.swf