Flash Flashcard to HTML5

One of the awesome things about hoarding old images and video from the “good old” days is having the ability to bring new life to them. In 2018 I had re-released a friends work that he did for me in April 2013 by re-posting the flash videos that were made. Little did I know that flash would go the way of the dodo bird and browsers would shun files.

As an 8th-year “octoversary” I decided to dig down into my old files and grab the original images and audio and bring new life to them. I spent a small, but worthwhile, amount of time generating some reusable code to convert flashcard-style flash presentations to HTML5. This is now done over on T.C. in 2013, and the result is somewhat magnificent.

Earlier in the course of the project we happened across a person who did voicework. She went by the name of “Shawty Luv” and was able to provide us some starter voicework with our fairs. It was initially proposed to her to do our “tutorials”, and she happily did it for 2500 rays ($175 USD at the time). She subsequently delivered goods in zip fashion on 26 Feb 2013.

I decided to compile them together and bring them new life here:

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How I made Plex work for me

As I’ve written before, I run a Plex Media Server at my home, and have run many different configurations of set ups for almost 4 years. We originally ran the client off of our XBox 360 until the App was obsoleted, and now we enjoy it on desktops, mobiles, and on our Samsung TV, delivering high-quality content to our family.

Our current Plex Media Server is run on a 4-core/4GB laptop with an external USB-attached 6TB hard drive complete with a library of 1708 Movies and 111 TV Shows. It’s not an expensive set up and has paid itself off time and time again.

For the longest time i’ve used plex.tv to access my Plex Media Server remotely, and painfully have had to endure poor quality streaming because I wasn’t really aware about how Plex works behind the scenes. After some time I’ve learned the “why” and the “repairs” to be able to take my remote Plex Viewing up a notch.

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