Double-Entendres “from” the 80s

Randomly, as youtube does, I came across the “80s breakdancing on us tv” video:

80s breakdancing on us tv

This goes through a series of dancers and in one specific scene there’s a dancer called “Glide Master”…

…after giggling for a bit I decided to google about this aptly named individual.

80s breakdancing glide master” would give me better results than just “glide master”, with the first result being a “Tribute to Glide Master” from the NYCBreakers youtube channel. The video, a standard tribute, states Glide Master died in 1984.

Curiosity now fuels me a bit, not only because I don’t have a name for Glide Master but I also have a death of an individual that looks to be young.

Instagram comes in with the best clue from jungthkoreanroc with a post titled R.I.P Matthew “Glide Master” Caban | 1982 – 1984 Highlights solo – Rest In Peace Matthew Caban aka Glide Master. ❤ One of the Best Hand glide ever. Super Classic.

That helps a significant amount, and a subsequent google query leads me right to an article on the NYC Breakers.

At the height of The NYCBs fame, sadly, Matthew Caban (Glide Master) died in a motorcycle accident.

The original New York City Breakers were Chino Lopez aka Action, Noel Mangual aka Kid Nice, Matthew Caban aka Glide Master, Tony Lopez aka Powerful Pexster, Ray Ramos aka Lil Lep, Bobby Potts aka Flip Rock, Tony Draughon aka Mr. Wave, Corey Montalvo aka Icey Ice and Alex Roman aka Lil Alex.

Further going down that hole doesn’t really lead to a news article publicly accessible through the interwebs. I’m sure there’s some article archived somewhere and not OCR’d for indexing, but my “random youtube” to “double entendre” to “identified” to “wtf” has been done for 2023.

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