Cleveland Clinic, day one

God, my daughter kicks the shit out of people that sleep next to her. At least that is what I got before I was able to pass out at 2am this morning.

Also, I just realized that the nurses here are cool as hell. It’s 10pm, and policy is that an Adult should be around with the patient at all times. This means that I’m pretty much stuck here but at the same time i’m going to get some coffee delivered with some cream and sugar.

And for some period of time I’ve been fighting with WordPress on finding out how to make “paragraphs” and “menus”, and I finally figured that out so I can make a great post.

So, we arrived, check-in was fine and easy, and she’s got her own room, private bathroom, and the whole nine yards. Everyone comes in, introduced themselves, and attempts to make her day the best in the world. The nurses are sweet, kind, and very attentive in listening to Savannah, even to the point of making her laugh.

Today Savannah put me in my place with the following:

Your just my real real dad, grandpa is the dad that keeps me safe.

Took me out of my mind for a bit and shut me up. Last I heard that I wasn’t the person that was expected to keep someone safe was when my last wife told me she wanted a divorce.

But things are better. I’ve got her playing some minecraft on the tablet, and shes’ learning the ropes while relaxing.

She also learned what an IV is today after I explained it wasn’t a “shot”. Tomorrow she’ll learn what “Labs” are, and I can’t wait 🙂

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