grub2 for Windows 10 after installing Rocky 8.5

So, I came into a hiccup, and the amount of time it took to diagnose and resolve seemed like it should be something I documented.

In doing the initial installation of Rocky 8.5 on the computer that my kids sometimes use that runs Windows 10 I wasn’t really given the opportunity to configure a multiboot. Instead, the system happily booted Rocky 8.5 and nothing else.

Additionally, running os-prober didn’t really find another operating system, so I had to do some manual work.

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xmrig with cuda for Rocky Linux 8.5

The wife wants to get into Cryptocurrency, so we get into Crypto.

She picked out a couple: VeChain(c), Stellar(c), and Bitcoin(c)

I picked out a couple: Ethereum(c), Monero(c), and Dogecoin(c)

None of them intersect, so I’ll start with my list first 🙂

First thing is to build a miner, and we’ll use an old Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 with 8GB RAM and an nVidia GeForce GT710 that I scrounged together from old parts.

Second thing is to choose a cryptocurrency to see how we can optimize it. Monero looks ezpz.

Third thing is to get familiar with xmrig and xmrig-cuda built and running. We’ll plan and build this in a Virtual Machine to make sure we have all our dependencies ironed out before committing this to an actual machine. We’ll steal some guidance from Litaiem Moatez and their first linkedin article to help us out.

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