Home Linux File Server with Software RAID and iSCSI (1/10)

Yays! Fun stuff in route!

Part of my 2018 goals is to be able to have a universally-accessible resource where I can be able to store all the data that I need to, and more, without worry of fault or loss. One of the ways to approach this is to create a File Server that I can mount from a majority of operating systems and be able to store anywhere in the world. So, I’ve come to the conclusion to build a Linux File Server, complete with a Software RAID5 (as opposed to a hardware RAID5), and make it so that we can use iSCSI to mount the LUNs.

We need to do this on a budget, too.

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I finally got around to letsencrypt’s free SSL Certificate, as I might need it for future websites and I’d like to become familiar with it.

Before with my website I had to create a self-signed SSL certificate just to¬†learn that. The only problem I had was with ssllabs and their “You get an A if you spend money…”, since my configuration was as tight as apache would allow me to make it.

So, I was able to get letsencrypt setup, my 90-day issued cert plugged in, and the renewal on a cron. It’s really easy if you follow the directions, of course.

And I’m okay with an SSLLabs rating of B, since i’m gonna blame Apache for not sending the full certificate chain that the PEM “seems” to contain. I just wanted my green bar and my https, and I got it.

I’m a happy guy today.,