Randy Mario Poffo – Oooh yeah!

Queue up Pomp and Circumstance March no. 1 as it has been 12 years since “Macho Man” Randy Savage has left this earth.

The master of the Slim Jim commercial, of course, as early as 1996:

What’s more relevant is his appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1992 back where he provided us this tidbit of Manliness in a time where it was toxic to speak of such things:

Arsenio: Okay, your middle name is Macho but, uh, I’m wondering if you’ve ever cried. Has Macho Man ever cried?

Randy: Oh Yeah!

Arsenio: Really?

Randy: Uh huh! It’s okay for Macho Men to show every emotion available right there, ya know, because I’ve cried 1000 times I’m gonna cry some more, BUT I’ve soared with the eagles and I’ve slithered with the snakes and I’ve been everywhere in between and I’m gonna tell you something right now: There’s one guarantee in life in that there are no guarantees, yeah, ANDah ya gotta understand this, yeah, nobody like a quitter, nobody said life was easy so if you get knocked down take the standing 8-count get back up and fight again, and you’re a macho maniac! Dig it!

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