y2k to 2003

My early 20’s are a bit of a mystery, but an interesting story nonetheless. It is also one of the most difficult points of my life since many events happened with family and friends, and there is little documentation present to support it. Most of these paragraphs will be to-wit, and I will do my best to stitch together things.

y2k / The entry into 2000

Firstly I recall getting a credit card with a $250 limit before 2000 hit. Since I was in my last year at school I decided with many friends to go out and get a hotel room for the millennium changeover. This was at the Budget Inn in Falconer, NY at the Corner of East Main Street and County 380. We drank Zimas and ate imitation crab meat and subsequently decorated the bathroom with vomit.

Maybe being a father? Summer 2000 to Fall 2001

I was the lucky recipient of a call-to-help of two of my friends during the Summer of 2000. Brandy and Jamie ended up crashing for a month or two in Kennedy, NY, and subsequently Jamie and I got serious. The relationship carried along to Jamie’s moms house until I was pulled out by friends. Many months later when you’re told you’re going to be a father it becomes a bit of a shocker. The Fall of 2001 I’m getting a Cheek swap at Jamestown City Hall to determine if I am the father of Hailie Bennet, who was born 24 June 2001. The results come back negative for me, and positive for someone else.

9-11, 2001

Not knowing anything about what was to happen the next day I was sleeping the night at 563 East 2nd Street in Jamestown. After waking up and sending my future wife off to school the events of 9/11 took place.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Spring/Summer 2002

The date was Spring/Summer 2002 and the intention was to attend Devry in Columbus, Ohio in the Fall but in reality we moved to the apartments at Charney Ct, in Reynoldsburg, got jobs at Big Bear doing Stock and Cashiering, and then had a fight. We left soon after that, leaving Mike and Theresa behind.

Unknown / To-be-dated events

  • Basement at Cherry Street, temporary residence, which included Christmas presents

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