Memorializing Facebook

I have to admit that I’ve become very accustomed to performing “Facebook Memorializations” of old friends and families accounts. I feel it helps in preserving who the person really is, while giving an opportunity for friends and family to share things about them on their timelines.

Personally I’ve memorialized Connie Stack, Don Cestnik, and James Moser, and have plans on memorializing more once I get around to it. These were all “easy” once you were able to locate a legitimate Funeral Home or Print article website with an Obituary to link with a Date of Death.

I have also had an opportunity of using a legal letter about a person passing to help Jennifer memorialize Grant Everson. In her case, she was able to become the Legacy Contact so that she can accept friend requests for the page and such.

I do have one special one I’m preparing to memorialize, but I have to become one of the two legacy contacts for them so that he can have some lifelong maintenance.

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