Wikipedia, oh Wikipedia

Over the years whenever I have a pending question I typically consult with the one true book of user-engorged world knowledge: Wikipedia.

Some things are just too awesome to keep around as tidbits of knowledge.

List of jōyō kanjiClint MansellDunning–Kruger effectThe Picture of Dorian GrayDefence mechanismsUtilitarianismJapanese honorifics, OxytocinScala & Kolacny Brothers, Rule 34Cambrian explosionMcGurk effectTrilaterationNet (polyhedron)Deus ex machina, Dolce Vita. Mpemba effectBenford’s lawIgnorantia juris non excusatMiller–Urey experiment, Drinking BirdTraveler’s diarrhea, Sisyphus, Food Play, Kopi LuwakList of highest-certified music artists in the United StatesMount RoraimaScopolamineSurrogatesTila TequilaList of Metalocalypse episodesJennifer’s Body, Lists of Colors, DoraemonMy Neighbor TotoroGrave of the Fireflies, Godannar

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