25 Feb 2017 Fridge Musings

Mixing children (James & Savannah) with magnetic words yields amazing results:

have a beautiful plan to seek for love always
rise like a holy angel together
explore or give light
open and sing like dust was heaven
she thinks best care has different goddesss


promise physical self body disciple
believe abundant love
my daughter is a real mature persecute
fight true beauty
invisible infinite man fruit
unique eternity
cleanse glory life book
tell death ancient grace
sweat crystal moustache
resolveing my funny dream
tomorrow will deliver great compassion
nothing kills one wise thirst
forbid tape life
inspire coventant conscious
bless me with firm hunger together
trespass all vision in earth
meditate power obey free universe
sleep again evil faith
nature is truth
immobile heal gentle justice
think poor
create grief flesh
are we love
war is
blessed righteous joy
see knowledge
gather happy
force moral season
sit god child
die hungry foundation

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