Optimizing Video: 2021 Honda Odyssey RES

On April 7, 2024 at about 3am I physically beat the poop out of a deer on Interstate 90 crossing into Ohio from Pennsylvania (41.925716, -80.54277). The front bumper being damaged and excrement all along the drivers side of the vehicle does qualify for the “beat the crap”-stamp to be applied to the drivers side door.

All phases of matter that matter: solid, liquid, and fur.

Insurance did what insurance does and says that the 2012 is not cost effective to repair so they scrapped the vehicle and wrote a check. With that check the family was able to go place a down payment on a 2021 Honda Odyssey Touring.

One of the biggest improvements from 2012 to the 2021 is that the rear passengers have access to an Entertainment System. I decided one day to figure out what we could do with the USB input.

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