Server Upgrade Time!

So, it’s time to update my server! Currently, it’s hosted at DigitalOcean with an old Centos 6.5/2GB/40gb droplet. I pay a cool $20/month for my server for hosting, email, and about 10 other domains. It’s time to update!

So, I have to decide whether I will go with a Centos 7 or a Centos 8 image at $15/month. The only main difference is that I have to determine whether I need the updated Kernel and the additional updates and if my software/configs are easily portable to the new host.

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IMAP-magic, or iMapic?…yes?…no?….

I was given an opportunity to setup an email system for a friend that is similar to mine, so I figured I’d document this a bit better than what i’ve been documenting before.

As a primer, this is how we use sendmail, dovecot, and php to get email at a host and have it automatically move messages between email inboxes. Fairly easy 🙂

This should be a bit better than my previous partial writeups, specifically, sendmail & dovecot, how do you work…, and Dovecot IMAP (part 1).

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