SimpleSAMLphp / quick&ez

Background: For about 5 years at my place of work we have used a software called SimpleSAMLphp to help offer identity solutions to TVE (TV Everywhere) customers. In essence I have been one of a team of 20th century cable people.

This software, in it’s current version has been heavily customized to offer quick deployment solutions for new customers. All I can say is that it’s awesome running an Identity Stack with 50+ IdPs and 5000+ SPs.

I decided to see how quick I could set up a SAML SP -> IdP relationship between two Centos 7 Virtual Computers:

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Server Upgrade Time!

So, it’s time to update my server! Currently, it’s hosted at DigitalOcean with an old Centos 6.5/2GB/40gb droplet. I pay a cool $20/month for my server for hosting, email, and about 10 other domains. It’s time to update!

So, I have to decide whether I will go with a Centos 7 or a Centos 8 image at $15/month. The only main difference is that I have to determine whether I need the updated Kernel and the additional updates and if my software/configs are easily portable to the new host.

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