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20 April

07:50:00: I'm so excited I've discovered I get a skin reaction from taking Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen at the same time!

15 April

17:12:27: "A history with wives. A book that every young man should read before doing the deed."

08:28:05: Today there exists 21-year-old and a 5-year-old and the only pain I feel at 42 is my left side.

12 April

19:44:01: "How do you put up with me?" "I think it's the sex." "Me too"

7 April

10:54:40: Home safe after beating the shit out of a doe on the interstate right after entering Ohio at 3am

5 April

22:38:33: When Tim kissed Courtney he vomited. This is the best first kiss story I ever heard.

21 March

10:38:48: Wicliff Fleurizard is the flower lizard

9 March

20:35:38: To make you feel my love, Garth Brooks, then the Cupid Shuffle

3 March

00:54:40: If it’s Boeing, ‘I ain’t going’

25 February

16:07:30: che cazzo is a bad, bad Italian wtf word...

21 February

15:27:44: Ratm - Darkness Of Greed. https://youtu.be/E4-xPddEWa4 . The "demo" that ended up being on the The Crow OST.

12:13:15: Comfort and Tea. https://michelle-moon.com/2016/06/13/comfort-and-tea/ . I cry so much reading about how other parents lose their children at such a young age, expecting in some way to become immune to it if it were to happen to me and then realizing that immunity is not bestowed in any way to me. I love my kids too much. To be a parent carries so much joy and so much weakness.

19 February

21:16:10: Office Space tonight with Kariah and Savannah ❤️

7 February

22:30:43: Today I dodged another bullet with work and a mass layoff. I also "invented" grilled cheese with bacon between the slices. It was amazing. Finally, I hired a lawyer to hopefully help with Child Support.

28 January

10:08:52: No, I don't want you to put anything near the house. What if there's a fire and you put a bush there?

25 January

08:28:31: "right, but...", and then I google "write butt" and find Shirimoji aka 尻文字 writing characters in the air with one's behind (by moving one's hips)


29 December

23:52:54: "I think you did my miscarriage last year. You were great." - Molly in ER

24 December

23:20:13: Today I learned that at the end of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation that the Santa Claus that shows up from the sewer gas explosions that's caused by Uncle Louis' match is not really Santa Claus from the sewer but all of the failures that Clark has put out over the course of the film, including the Santa/Reindeer that he beat the crap out of when attempting to set up the actual mass Christmas light display.

23 December

14:56:12: I’m half human, so that 50% of me that’s stupid is 100% you. - Star Lord, Avengers: Infinity War

16 December

01:50:27: It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

30 November

08:22:58: You know what's automatic? "Good morning!" "Good morning. How are you?" "Good, you?" "Good."

27 November

08:30:29: "Scribble in the lines"

25 November

07:20:41: Spoken, PNW and Pacific Northwest have the same amount of syllables. There is no savings in speaking. "PN West" would be more efficient but doesn't sound as awesome.

6 November

09:00:44: Over the weekend I successfully completed three projects on this house. The first one was the doorbell, from installing the transformer to the ding box all the way to the bell. The second one was watching a stove get plugged into the outlet that I spent close to $250 between the wrongly measured length of 6/3 50 amp wire, the breaker, and the outlet. The third one was jerry-rigging a new fan into a really old bathroom fan box so that we can exhaust moist air from the downstairs bathroom. Overall, I'm fairly proud with myself and being able to accomplish all these, all while still killing fleas on both the cats.

2 November

21:47:50: An honorable defeat is better than a dishonest victory.

1 November

08:22:35: Today I was able to teach Cara the meaning of pockets when walking in the cold. Amazing to see a 5-year-old go from panic to peace with the sprinkle of necessary knowledge.

14 October

11:46:43: Today, turning 42, I wanted to sleep in but after doing so felt considerable aching. Age is just the number but health is not. Today is also the annular eclipse which is being streamed online from the NASA YouTube channel. Molly is at the gym getting tested by their complicated sensors and machinery. Cara and Kariah are at the Neris having some grandparent time. Over the last 24 hours I have caught up on two James Bond movies. I'm feeling good.

12 October

07:56:58: Yesterday I was in too many tears. This morning was one of the few days where I have been able to communicate with all the kids that have already access to a telephone. From frowns to upside downs, over the course of a good night's sleep

7 October

07:22:18: Walking all the way to the bus to get me to Buffalo. Realizing that conflict is what is killing me, but not willing to take it as far as Yes Man.

5 October

22:00:26: Finished the diary project, for now. Was able to start to get mein30 back into shape, which looks like nothing from the outside.

19:44:34: I should be able to finally use this after making a majority of changes, including making sure that when I post an entry that it is set to a time zone of my choosing. I'm not really worried about carriage returns or paragraphs at this point. I am liking the freedom of voice to text diary.

3 October

09:08:00: Feeling pretty good the last couple days. Walking by people and wishing them a good morning with a smile or holding doors open for people. It's really setting my mindset

2 October

08:24:00: In a town with no public garbage cans available for the public to use, I wonder if garbage cans alone helps encourage where homeless individuals will hang out.

08:22:00: Amish coming through town. Didn't expect it at all, but I'm not surprised.

08:15:00: Is it true that vodka doesn't leave an alcohol smell on your breath? While it will certainly leave less of a smell than most other alcoholic drinks, you can still smell the ethanol itself. Plus there's no hiding the smell of acetaldehyde once the alcohol is metabolised no matter what the drink was.

07:25:00: Walking by fancher chair in 50° fog and wondering what if our lungs needed to bring in smells as part of our daily diet. What if that's the thing that we keep not understanding and there is an actual smell diet that we have to do?

1 October

12:20:00: Today I start this project. I hope to be able to make this work so that I can update it as frequent as possible. ??

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