The Hunt for a 20 Year Old Video
In 1995 I was a freshman at Sweet Home High School and had participated in a trip to Walt Disney World to participate in a Band Performance with my peers. This entire event, from the loading of the busses to the trip from Buffalo, New York to our destination and back had been recorded on an 8-hour EP video tape.

I had originally possessed this specific video tape as a teenager. Over the course of time, however, I had lost this amazing heirloom as I'm sure alot of other have. I'm sure that there is a copy of this somewhere that I can acquire so I can digitize it and be able to enjoy it though the future times.

This is my tiny blog on my progress in locating this by working back 20 years in my brain.
Until this, what I've done...
Prior to the starting of this I had originally attempted to locate John Wade, whom was the Teacher at the time of this event. My older brother Mark had played under him as well some time, and Mr. Wade had informed me of this which stuck in my memory. When I looked to find if he was the current conductor I was suprised to find that Cory Morrow was the current director. Mr. Morrow interestingly enough was a trumpet player for the same event.

I had sent an email, but this yielded back no response. I had grabbed the courage to drive to the school and speak with him, of which this yielded the "Closet of Band Tapes to Disney" yet the year inquired (1994-1995) was currently in Mr. Morrows posession at home. I had provided my contact details and information to acquire this to copy and return, but I have had no response since.
16th March, 2013
We start off today with a blast to the past: and searching the Alumni list for everyone who listed themselves (or were listed) for 1995-1999. This stroll down memory lane always helps in remembering old names. Joye Runfola, simply because she was a fan of Tori Amos and sat across from me on the bus on the way down there. I send her a cheesy facebook message, hopefully to get a response with more information.
Hello Joye,

Would you by chance still have a copy of that tape or know someone who does? I know it is a long shot, and I've even gone to the current Director of the band to attempt to get a copy but it wasn't available (albeit all the other ones around were).

If you don't know of anyone who would have a copy, would you by chance know of the Councilor that had accompanied us on that Journey (the original producer).

I know this is a blast from the past and all, but any help would be appreciated.
So, off the facebook message goes. I had also composed an email to Mr. Morrow
Subject: 1995 Disney Band Trip

Mr. Morrow,

I just wanted to touch base from a visit I had with you awhile back concerning the 1994-1995 Disney Band Trip. I had stopped by the school unannounced to inquire about this, and was curious if you were able to locate it.

Thank you for your time,

Matthew Heick
So, here's to hoping some movement in the next couple days...